Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of the common questions our customers ask. If you've got a question not listed please feel free to contact or call us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

For the busy mom/housewife/working parent, Sarah and her associates can run errands, let the dogs out, check in on your elderly parents, help the kids with homework, or run your laundry while you're gone or busy at home. Just make a list and we can likely take care of it for you.
Let SHC check on your house, turn lights on or off, water plants, take care of pets, bring in the mail, and stock your kitchen with fresh groceries for your return! Need something else? Just ask.
Check out our packages for using multiple services...for example, let us take care of your pets and your elderly parents and you'll get a lower price. The more we help, the lower we charge. Just ask!
Absolutely. Trust in us and in the quality of our service. We know, first hand, how having peace of mind in your caregivers and helpers will make you want to utilize SHC. Rest assured that each employee is background checked, insured, experienced and personable in the services we provide and if you request something we are not confident in doing we will tell you. Sarah started this business upon the realization of our own family's needs. We've experienced the feeling of needing to go somewhere and not having anyone available to sit with our elderly or ill relatives. We've paid to take our beloved dogs to kennels while on vacation and been sad thinking they are not in their home. We've felt the panic of needing to help a child finish an assignment on a night we have to be somewhere else. And we understand the concern in wondering if the person we've hired to help is trustworthy and reliable. We know. We've watched different caregivers tend to a dear grandparent. Some provided just adequate care. A select few really cared. And that feeling of watching those who really cared left such an impression on us that we've built our business principles on this trust and peace of mind for our clients.
Click Here to read our Terms and Conditions page for details and always feel free to call with questions. We will be happy to explain and work out individual situations, as needed.