iconChild Care

We provide help with the occasional needs of your children. Unexpected need for a babysitter? We can help with a few hours at your home or at an event; or we can include your child(ren) in our family for a weekend or period of time you need to be away from home without the children. Does your child need a bit more supervision in completing school tasks? Could he or she benefit from some study assistance? You can have the peace of mind that your student’s school work can be finished and complete before bedtime, for a smooth send-off to school the next day. Something else we can help you with regarding the children? Just ask!

Ala Carte Pricing

Standard hourly pricing for up to 2 children is $10.00 (plus mileage fees if over 10 miles.).
Add $7.00/hour for each additional child beyond 2.

Child/Student Helper Special Package

Featuring one month for $180.00 (3.5 hours per week) of help and/or playtime with your children (additional cost for more than 2 children). Hours can be split between babysitting, playtime, study help, or many other things you need. Take 10% off ANOTHER month of help with your children/students if used within 2 months of the initial package.

Trust SHC to Care for Your Children

With the love and compassion as if they were ours.     Contact Us Now