Our Services

Sarah’s Home Concierge provides home, family and personal concierge services to customers who benefit by having more time for their own schedules and peace of mind in knowing loved ones receive the attention they need. For the busy mom/housewife/working parent, Sarah and her associates can run errands, let the dogs out, check in on your elderly parents, help the kids with homework, or run your laundry while you're gone or busy at home. Just make a list and we can likely take care of it for you.

Pet Care

We come to your home and provide loving care for your pets. This includes walking dogs and/or letting them out in fenced areas or on a leash, feeding them according to your instructions, giving them fresh water, changing litter boxes, providing companionship and playtime, and transportation to and from the groomer or vet as needed. In some cases we can care for your pet in our house, if you need to remove them from your home for a period of time for a party, for instance (or if you’re having guests who are allergic to your pets). If there is anything else we can help you with regarding your pet, just ask!

Child Care

We provide help with the occasional needs of your children. Unexpected need for a babysitter? We can help with a few hours at your home or at an event; or we can include your child(ren) in our family for a weekend or period of time you need to be away from home without the children. Does your child need a bit more supervision in completing school tasks? Could he or she benefit from some study assistance? You can have the peace of mind that your student’s school work can be finished and complete before bedtime, for a smooth send-off to school the next day. Something else we can help you with regarding the children,  just ask!

Elderly Care

We come to your home and provide the loving care your family members deserve! Our services include companionship, light house-keeping and preparation for guests, restocking food and supplies, shopping assistance, gift wrapping, making necessary phone calls and various errands, reminders and organization. If there is anything else we can help you with regarding your elder care needs,  just ask!

General Concierge

We get groceries, make returns or exchanges, drop off and pick up dry cleaning and shop for supplies for your special occasions or events such as parties and back to school. Need help with meeting vendors or technicians at your residence? We can be there! Let us handle basic house maintenance while you're away or idle. We can bring in mail, water plants, turn lights on or off and perform or arrange for lawn care. We can also help with general organization such as sorting and labeling; and we'll do basic household work like running and folding laundry. If there is anything else we can help you with regarding your needs to better assist you,  just ask!

Our Packages

Vacation Helper

Mail/newspaper brought in, lights set or switched, flowers watered, feed fish/tank pets, (extra fees may apply if outside of a 10 mile drive, extra pets or tasks). One week $120 - Also eligible for 20% off senior and pet package and ala carte services added during vacation week.

Elder Care Helper

Featuring one week $120 - 8 hours companion time with a senior. Complimentary one-trip grocery shopping and one-room light house keeping. Also eligible for 20% off another Senior Helper week for use within 3 months. (extra fees may apply if outside of a 10 mile drive and/or additional tasks or instructions.)

Child/Student Helper 

Featuring one month for $180.00 (3.5 hours per week) of help and/or playtime with your children (additional cost for more than 2 children). Hours can be split between babysitting, playtime, study help, or many other things you need. Take 10% off ANOTHER month of help with your children/students if used within 2 months of the initial package.

Pet Helper

Featuring one week pet-care in your home for only $180 (includes up to 2 pets). Two visits per day to your home for pets to be walked, fed, water refilled, given routine meds if needed, indoor visiting/playtime, and checked on (extra fees may apply depending on driving distance and special pet instructions). Take 10% off ANOTHER Pet Helper week for use within 3 months.

Build Your Own Packages

Ala carte price of $10.00 per hour (extra fees may apply if outside of a 10 mile drive).