icon1Pet Care

We come to your home and provide loving care for your pets. This includes walking dogs and/or letting them out in fenced areas or on a leash, feeding them according to your instructions, giving them fresh water, changing litter boxes, providing companionship and playtime, and transportation to and from the groomer or vet as needed. In some cases we can care for your pet in our house, if you need to remove them from your home for a period of time for a party, for instance (or if you’re having guests who are allergic to your pets). If there is anything else we can help you with regarding your pet, just ask!

Ala Carte Pricing

Standard hourly pricing for up to 2 pets is $10.00 (plus mileage fees if over 10 miles.).
Add $7.00/hour for each additional pet after the first 2.

Pet Helper Special Package

Featuring one week pet-care in your home for only $180 (includes up to 2 pets). Two visits per day to your home for pets to be walked, fed, water refilled, given routine meds if needed, indoor visiting/playtime, and checked on (extra fees may apply depending on driving distance and special pet instructions). Take 10% off ANOTHER Pet Helper week for use within 3 months.

Trust SHC to Care for Your Pets

With the love and compassion as if they were ours.     Contact Us Now